Global company for supply of goods and services need your enterprise, just to little cost and directly with factories.

TQadesh Group OÜ: Global Business Solutions

Services we provide

Quality Goods and Services at Affordable Prices

TQadesh Products and Solutions:  Offers a wide range of high-quality products, ensuring a formal procurements experience for customers, directly with alternatives factories.

Solutions for Energy, Agriculture and Industries

Anuket /  Anubis Engineering provides comprehensive solutions for the: energy,  agricultural and industrial sectors, ensuring efficient and sustainable operations. Measurement of natural resources and water care. 

Expert Sales and Consulting

TQadesh Team experience, approach: Expert Sales for Resolution and Consulting, the problems in process of production and automatic controls

Business Growth and Expansion Services

Our Business Development service provides strategic planning and implementation solutions to enhance growth and profitability for companies or entrepreneurship.

Enhancing Global Online Shopping Experience

TQadesh Group OÜ, project management can include budgeting, accountancy and expenditure control, procurements, time schedule planning, coordinating the work of subcontractors, supervision, quality control,  providing a really BMC, Budget Managing Consulting

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Energy and Agriculture

Our goal is utilizes technology and research to enhance energy production and the agricultura, promoting enviromental sustenaible environmental protection and equal opportunities in rural communities, and another places around the world, provided solutions low cost and high effective.

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